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About Product

Window Decals on both vehicles standing structures offer opportunities for marketing and decoration that go beyond the everyday, and into the extraordinary. From small decorative accents to complete wall coverings and vehicle wraps, these materials make colorful and artistic canvas out of one of the most common building materials used in modern construction.

Transparent films that allow light to illuminate through them, static applications that can be easily removed when their time has passed, perforated vinyl that allows one way visibility while shading the inside and adding color and life to the outside. These materials bring out more than simple decals applied to windows, they make an open canvas of your location or vehicle, living room or bedroom, office or retail space.

Find out how our designers and installation experts can transform your space into something awe inspiring.

Sizing Requirements

All graphics are sized by the overall width and height of the artwork including any margin or bleed that may be included. Irregularly shaped images that are to be die cut are measured by the width at the largest point multiplied by the height at the tallest point.

If your image is already in a computer program the size of the document should give you a good indication of how much area the image will require for a printing.

For example: If your artwork was 6 feet by 4 feet the total would be 24 feet square. The Total Area for that print job would be Up to 24’ Square.

Since the artwork being reproduced will require the total area of the image, no matter how much of that area is used versus cut away, the prices are calculated by the total area of materials used.

Our clients are welcome to design files for multiple printing that utilize the maximum area of the material ordered, we only ask that a .5” margin separate all the items that will be printed and cut.